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Chartered Accountants Association Surat

An Association of the CAs, for the CAs, by the CAs

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About CAAS

Chartered Accountants Association Surat

Chartered Accountants have been buoyants in the highs and lows of the economy, not only for clients, government but also for the business community and the country. CAs with their untiring help without looking day or night, for the community at large is well known and appreciated. Signature of a Chartered Accountant is more powerful than that of a Prime Minister, as addressed by our Honorable Pradhan Sevak Shri Narendrabhai Modi. With a noble idea to propagate, the value proposition, self evaluation and identifying skilsets of Chartered Accountants helpful to the nation, we have come into existence.

Like CAs, Surat too plays a pivotal role in the economy of India. With ICAI membership strength of more than 5100 members, Surat is a confluence of luxury, Skills, Creativity and above all a sea of opportunities. Chartered Accountants Association, Surat ("CAAS"), is an organisation to harmonize a mix of above confluence.

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Our Objectives

Govt Representations_edited.jpg

Government Representations for removal of hardships

CAAS represents to various Government authorities with respect to various policy and procedure related issues which cause hardships on the stakeholders, with an aim to ensure effective redressal of the same.

Establishing proper working standards for CAs and their staff

Conducive working standards are a must for accomplishment of any professional output. CAAS strives on establishment of proper working standards not only for its members but also for their staff, their clients working under a single eco-system.

Working Standards.jpg

Dissemination of proper information through seminars and symposiums

Time and again CAAS conducts various knowledge enriched yet simple seminars for the stakeholders so that every person in the chain of compliances is well versed with the requirements of compliance and also the adverse outcomes of compliances.

Dissemination of Proper information amongst media and stakeholders

Proper information if disseminated to the hub of news makers, create positive impact, whereas any wrong information causes substantial damage of the intended purpose of that information. CAAS ensures that proper information related to law and profession reaches the Media and Stakeholders in an appropriate manner.

Dissemination of Info Media_edited.jpg
Code of Ethics1.jpg

Enforcement of Proper Code of Ethics for improvement of professional image

Manners Maketh Man

Thus, wealth generated with ethics yield better results for any society, which is not only sustainable but also exemplary. CAAS ensures that awareness related to Code of Ethics is created amongst the stakeholders.

Ensuring Family Values are fostered

In everyday busy life, the stakeholders forget to acknowledge the support of family members which is the strength the professional holds in sun and rain. CAAS ensures that Family values are fostered amongst its members in the midst of hectic compliance lifestyles.

20210701_183150 copy.jpg

Ensuring Unity in times of crisis either professional or legal to stand beside you

CAAS is a united platform of its members and stands by its members in their thick and thin, when they face professional or legal crisis.

Organising Socio-Cultural Programmes

CAAS ensures that its members sense a feeling of belongingness to the community, and for the same it organises various socio-cultural programmes, which are not only knowledge enriching but also unique in their own way.

Socio-Cultural Programmes_edited.jpg
Stress Bursting_edited.jpg

Organising Health improvement Stressbuster Programmes

After stressful compliance seasons, as an annual ritual, CAAS organises health checkups, seminars and also stress buster programme for its members, which are highly impactful.

Identifying Value Proposition for skillsets of each gifted CAs

Each professional has his/her own unidentified skillset which makes them stand out from the rest. CAAS identifies value proposition for those skillsets for such gifted members and ensures that the community is benefited out of those skillsets.

Identifying Skillsets.jpeg
Better Payout.jpg

Ensuring better payout corresponding to time invested

For every industry or sector, it is a must that their members earn a better payout corresponding to the time invested and efforts involved. CAAS through its persistent efforts ensures that its members benefit from the substantial efforts they put in implementation of various Government policies by way of better payout.

Creating brotherhood amongst members of CA Pariwaar

The CA Fraternity is a family ("Pariwaar") in itself. One can only grow when the family grows. CAAS ensures that this approach of brotherhood is cultivated amongst its members which will benefit them in times to come.

Family Values.jpg
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Our Team

Who We Are

Home: Meet The Team
Rasesh Shah1.jpg

CA. Rasesh Shah



Hardik Kakadiya


Lalit Hirapara-New.jpg

Lalit Hirpara


Pratik Radadia.jpg

Pratik Radadiya


Mukesh Kabra.jpg

Mukesh Kabra

Executive Committee Member

Ashish Vadodariya2_edited.jpg

Ashish Vadodariya

Executive Committee Member

Ketan Gadhiya.jpg

Ketan Gadhiya

Executive Committee Member

Dhaval Sonani2_edited.jpg

Dhaval Sonani

Executive Committee Member

Advisory Committee

Our Panel of Advisory Committee members to guide us

Suresh Kabra-New.jpg

Chartered Accountants Association Surat, shall provide a boost to the unity of members in time of anxiety and ambiguity

CA. Suresh Kabra

CAAS Membership plans

Choose the best membership plans suited to you

INR 1000

Annual Membership

With annual premium you can enjoy all the benefits of CAAS membership upto 1 year from the last Annual General meeting. Your membership shall expire on the conclusion of the next AGM

INR 8250

Life Membership

With Life membership you have access to all the features of the CAAS membership including the CAAS internship programme. You can also participate in the election process subject to the other eligibility criteria for election.

INR 3000

5 Year Membership

Pay together and save more, with same privileges as that of Annual Membership, enjoy membership for 5 years without worrying to renew it.

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3rd Floor, Platinum Plaza,
Opp. VT Choksi Law College,
Parle Point, City Light Town,
Athwa, Surat, Gujarat 395007

+91 6353363583

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